Cheap places to go in 2018


Traveling is one of the most captivating experiences for human beings, where we see new things, we have new experiences, we get soaked in the culture of a place, and most importantly: we enjoy as we have never done before. You might think that the experience of being able to travel alone is reserved for those with a lot of money to spend, but that’s not the case. To travel you just need to have the right attitude, money is not an impediment to enjoy this wonderful experience. Here we show you some cheap places to go in 2018.


Komodo Islands, Indonesia

If you are one of those people who are looking for an epic adventure, see beyond what millions of people have seen and live a truly unique experience, this is the right place for you. In these islands you will embrace your wild side visiting the only place in the world where you can find real dragons, as the name implies, this is the home of the popular Komodo dragons.


You will also enjoy wonderful crystalline beaches, and as if it were not enough you will be able to swim with manta rays in their wildest state. Due to the low cost of this trip this experience is reserved only for those people who are truly attracted to the mystery and the animal side of the islands.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

Do you like relaxing for a while? Do you like to enjoy nature? Do you feel attracted by old buildings? Well, Santa Fe has all that and much more.

With its numerous spas, the spectacular Sangre de Cristo mountains, more than 250 restaurants, more than 300 galleries, numerous boutiques and all its festivals Santa Fe will give you an unique and unparalleled experience.

Who doesn’t like to try new things? In Santa Fe you can try all kinds of meals at great prices, and if you like local food you can even participate in their cooking classes.


Barcelona, ​​Spain

For those people who like large chapels, mythical cities, delicious food and cheap travel we recommend Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Barcelona presents a mix of interesting European cultures. It’s warm and friendly people, willing to offer tourists a different experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Numerous airports and excellent hotels make it a must for all those who want to get lost in the magic of the city without spending a lot of money.


Kathmandu, Nepal

Spiritual trips are also an excellent opportunity to discover yourself, in that sense, Nepal and its famous Himalayas offer us more than an adventure trip, they offers us a spiritual journey, a journey of discoveries.

While it is true that its epic mountains do not disappoint and the snow on its peaks do nothing but call tourists, the truth is that Kathmandu is full of many Buddhist temples that you can visit and live a religious experience that your soul will never forget.

The multiple sanctuaries such as the stupa of Swayambhunath offer visitors one of the best views in the world. Come to Nepal and immerse yourself in the chaos of the city, you’re really going to love it.