Carpets and hotels, the perfect match

Hotel Room Carpet

The secret of a hotel to turn a guest’s stay into a pleasurable experience to the touch and sight is presented in small but very important details. Carpets are the ideal material when decorating rooms and suites to create a touch of privacy in the private areas of a design hotel or offer comfort having warm and soft surfaces being one of the pleasures that a guest can enjoy when staying in a hotel luxury

Many times, the atmosphere of a hotel usually seems cold and impersonal, but with this element the spaces look “dressed”, alive and welcoming. This is why carpets are a decorative element that should not be missing.

As they offer an appearance of elegant sophistication the choice of carpet for hotels is based on three key qualities: durability, longevity and style that provide a unique and charming atmosphere in any room like a entrance hall, lounge, restaurants, bedrooms and many others, that is why a carpet can not be missing in the best hotels in the world

The carpets are perfect to bring elegance and beauty. It is a very versatile product thanks to the wide variety of shapes, materials, colors and textures available in the market. Each hotel can mark its own style and give it a lot of personality and a different touch by choosing the turn that they want to give to their spaces with this special tool.

They provide great benefits because they are Allied of the dust because their fibers retain what there may be in the environment, they make the surface of our stay safer thanks to the texture of their fibers, avoiding possible slips and unwanted falls. They provide amplitude providing a smoother view of the environments. They serve as thermal insulators and acoustic insulators, the fibers of the carpets also absorb noise, reducing the intensity of these and promoting an atmosphere of relaxation, a bedroom is a place to rest and be quiet, so the carpet will collaborate with that.

The main fear of people when thinking about a carpet is about cleanliness, maintenance and the supposed allergies they produce. But having carpets is not as complicated as it seems. visit and see how they take care of the proper maintenance of the carpets, helping to clean and restore them for damages caused by high traffic or by the loss of color and deterioration over the years.