The 3 Most Beautiful Castles In France

Castles In France

The old continent is the source of innumerable traces left by humanity through the passage of time. Culture, language, food, painting, music, sculpture and, more importantly, architecture. If something has developed widely in the old continent is architecture, leaving us impressive samples of the ability of human beings to create true works of art that endure over time. No doubt the castles scattered throughout Europe are a consequence, many times, of the countless wars that were fought, and in other cases they were a sign of the country’s prosperity. France is one of the countries in Europe that houses the best and most impressive castles of all. Among the most beautiful castles of all France we find:


The Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is one of the palaces that receives more visitors from all Europe, it was even a source of inspiration for other castles that wanted to imitate its beauty. The palace has at least 1,800 rooms, immense gardens, its impressive chapel and many other things to see in the palace make visiting it once is not enough to observe all its splendor.


If you want to visit it, you have to take into account its main attractions, its large rooms, where you live as a king, its clock cabinet, an authentic jewel of antiquity, it is really worth seeing.


The castle, ordered by Louis XIV, who spared no expense was responsible for the castle had all the comforts that the monarchy could desire.


Castle of Chenoceau

If you come to France to see castles you have to be amazed by the imposing Chenoceau castle, which belongs to a series of castles known as Loire castles. It is a huge castle that has several gardens and a wine plantation.


This castle is known as the castle of women, since they were the women who in one way or another influenced the construction and design of the castle through time.


Not in vain is the historical monument in most visited private hands in France.


Castle of Chambord

Another castle in the Loire region, only that this castle is the largest in the region. The castle is the best example of French Renaissance architecture, very distinctive that mixes traditional medieval forms with classic Italian structures. It was built to serve as a house pavilion for King Francis I.


You really have to visit this castle that was even named a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1981.