Carpets and hotels, the perfect match

Hotel Room Carpet

The secret of a hotel to turn a guest’s stay into a pleasurable experience to the touch and sight is presented in small but very important details. Carpets are the ideal material when decorating rooms and suites to create a touch of privacy in the private areas of a design hotel or offer comfort having warm and soft surfaces being one of the pleasures that a guest can enjoy when staying in a hotel luxury

Many times, the atmosphere of a hotel usually seems cold and impersonal, but with this element the spaces look “dressed”, alive and welcoming. This is why carpets are a decorative element that should not be missing.

As they offer an appearance of elegant sophistication the choice of carpet for hotels is based on three key qualities: durability, longevity and style that provide a unique and charming atmosphere in any room like a entrance hall, lounge, restaurants, bedrooms and many others, that is why a carpet can not be missing in the best hotels in the world

The carpets are perfect to bring elegance and beauty. It is a very versatile product thanks to the wide variety of shapes, materials, colors and textures available in the market. Each hotel can mark its own style and give it a lot of personality and a different touch by choosing the turn that they want to give to their spaces with this special tool.

They provide great benefits because they are Allied of the dust because their fibers retain what there may be in the environment, they make the surface of our stay safer thanks to the texture of their fibers, avoiding possible slips and unwanted falls. They provide amplitude providing a smoother view of the environments. They serve as thermal insulators and acoustic insulators, the fibers of the carpets also absorb noise, reducing the intensity of these and promoting an atmosphere of relaxation, a bedroom is a place to rest and be quiet, so the carpet will collaborate with that.

The main fear of people when thinking about a carpet is about cleanliness, maintenance and the supposed allergies they produce. But having carpets is not as complicated as it seems. visit and see how they take care of the proper maintenance of the carpets, helping to clean and restore them for damages caused by high traffic or by the loss of color and deterioration over the years.

The 3 Most Beautiful Castles In France

Castles In France

The old continent is the source of innumerable traces left by humanity through the passage of time. Culture, language, food, painting, music, sculpture and, more importantly, architecture. If something has developed widely in the old continent is architecture, leaving us impressive samples of the ability of human beings to create true works of art that endure over time. No doubt the castles scattered throughout Europe are a consequence, many times, of the countless wars that were fought, and in other cases they were a sign of the country’s prosperity. France is one of the countries in Europe that houses the best and most impressive castles of all. Among the most beautiful castles of all France we find:


The Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is one of the palaces that receives more visitors from all Europe, it was even a source of inspiration for other castles that wanted to imitate its beauty. The palace has at least 1,800 rooms, immense gardens, its impressive chapel and many other things to see in the palace make visiting it once is not enough to observe all its splendor.


If you want to visit it, you have to take into account its main attractions, its large rooms, where you live as a king, its clock cabinet, an authentic jewel of antiquity, it is really worth seeing.


The castle, ordered by Louis XIV, who spared no expense was responsible for the castle had all the comforts that the monarchy could desire.


Castle of Chenoceau

If you come to France to see castles you have to be amazed by the imposing Chenoceau castle, which belongs to a series of castles known as Loire castles. It is a huge castle that has several gardens and a wine plantation.


This castle is known as the castle of women, since they were the women who in one way or another influenced the construction and design of the castle through time.


Not in vain is the historical monument in most visited private hands in France.


Castle of Chambord

Another castle in the Loire region, only that this castle is the largest in the region. The castle is the best example of French Renaissance architecture, very distinctive that mixes traditional medieval forms with classic Italian structures. It was built to serve as a house pavilion for King Francis I.


You really have to visit this castle that was even named a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1981.

How to plan a trip to Chile

how to plan a trip to chile

Traveling can result in a totally rewarding or totally frustrating experience that may pursue you the rest of your life. If what you want is the first thing, we recommend you to plan your trip to Chile in these simple steps:


Choose the how and when


We would all love to take a suitcase and just go on a trip, but it is best to plan a date that we can go and a date to return, constantly reviewing travel websites is important, since they almost always publish offers for travelers and it’s not a bad idea to save some money. Keep in mind that many airlines and some credit cards offer rewards to make your trip more economical. Take advantage of the miles!


Inform yourself about the possibilities that Chile offers you


Whenever you travel, not only to Chile, you must decide what you want to do in the country, what you want to see, and what experiences to live. Nothing better for this than researching about the country and the opportunities it offers travelers.


Establish a budget


This step goes hand in hand with the previous step, once we have investigated what Chile offers us we have to decide how much money we can spend and try to stay within budget so that the trip does not become stressful and we can use our money wisely throughout the travel. It is also advisable that we inform ourselves about promotions and offers that are offered to tourists in Chile.


Define an itinerary


The best travelers are those who plan what they are going to do during the trip, and although not everything always goes as planned, it is best to have an idea of ​​what we want to do and where we want to do it. Getting lost within the cities is also an option for more experienced travelers, but for those who travel to Chile for the first time, having an itinerary is recommended.


Consider getting insurance


No matter how planned your trip is, it is always advisable to have a travel insurance that fits your needs and your budget. We hope nothing bad comes out on the trip, but it is better to have the insurance to avoid leaving the budget in case of any mishap.


Have your papers in order


Find out about the requirements that tourists in Chile require and try to have all the necessary documents before going on a trip, it is better to have everything in order to lose your money and effort for a bureaucratic document.


Leave things in order in your country of origin


If your trip is long try to leave the care of your home with someone you trust, make sure to leave all the lights closed, the water and gas key closed and all the things that you consider that need to be disconnected during your trip. If necessary, consult with the authorities about the advice they give to those who have long trips. If you have pets, also think of them.


Make a list of all the things you are going to take


Depending on how long your trip lasts and the reason for it, it is important that you make a list of the things you may need during the trip. This list can be adjusted trip after trip, there is no perfect list but having it will help you a lot so that you do not forget the important things.


Pack with time


Do not leave everything for the last minute, pack at least a day in advance so you can make any necessary changes without having to be running at the last minute. Remember that the trip is to enjoy it and not to stress.


Make a final check


If it works for Santa to check your list twice, it will also work for you to check everything one last time before leaving. Maybe you can think it’s a lot to review, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Travel, live and enjoy Chile


Chile offers innumerable possibilities for tourists, enjoying its natural wonders, its great cities and its warm people are just some of the reasons why it is a must destination in South America. If you do not know where to go, Chile is the best option, if you already have decided to come to Chile, come and let yourself be trapped by this beautiful country.

Cheap places to go in 2018


Traveling is one of the most captivating experiences for human beings, where we see new things, we have new experiences, we get soaked in the culture of a place, and most importantly: we enjoy as we have never done before. You might think that the experience of being able to travel alone is reserved for those with a lot of money to spend, but that’s not the case. To travel you just need to have the right attitude, money is not an impediment to enjoy this wonderful experience. Here we show you some cheap places to go in 2018.


Komodo Islands, Indonesia

If you are one of those people who are looking for an epic adventure, see beyond what millions of people have seen and live a truly unique experience, this is the right place for you. In these islands you will embrace your wild side visiting the only place in the world where you can find real dragons, as the name implies, this is the home of the popular Komodo dragons.


You will also enjoy wonderful crystalline beaches, and as if it were not enough you will be able to swim with manta rays in their wildest state. Due to the low cost of this trip this experience is reserved only for those people who are truly attracted to the mystery and the animal side of the islands.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

Do you like relaxing for a while? Do you like to enjoy nature? Do you feel attracted by old buildings? Well, Santa Fe has all that and much more.

With its numerous spas, the spectacular Sangre de Cristo mountains, more than 250 restaurants, more than 300 galleries, numerous boutiques and all its festivals Santa Fe will give you an unique and unparalleled experience.

Who doesn’t like to try new things? In Santa Fe you can try all kinds of meals at great prices, and if you like local food you can even participate in their cooking classes.


Barcelona, ​​Spain

For those people who like large chapels, mythical cities, delicious food and cheap travel we recommend Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Barcelona presents a mix of interesting European cultures. It’s warm and friendly people, willing to offer tourists a different experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Numerous airports and excellent hotels make it a must for all those who want to get lost in the magic of the city without spending a lot of money.


Kathmandu, Nepal

Spiritual trips are also an excellent opportunity to discover yourself, in that sense, Nepal and its famous Himalayas offer us more than an adventure trip, they offers us a spiritual journey, a journey of discoveries.

While it is true that its epic mountains do not disappoint and the snow on its peaks do nothing but call tourists, the truth is that Kathmandu is full of many Buddhist temples that you can visit and live a religious experience that your soul will never forget.

The multiple sanctuaries such as the stupa of Swayambhunath offer visitors one of the best views in the world. Come to Nepal and immerse yourself in the chaos of the city, you’re really going to love it.